MAVA’s annual magazine for Men making waves since 1996
A wide section of men from rural, semi-urban areas, from varied age-groups, from various walks of life -- across the state are given opportunities to express themselves through MAVA’s annual regional magazine, brought out since 1996 and making waves in the literary and social fields.

The publication called Purush Spandana (meaning ‘Male Vibrations’) was jointly brought out from 1996 to 2006 by MAVA and Purush Uvach (meaning Men Speak),a men’s group in Pune. Since 2007, MAVA has been bringing out the publication on it’s own.

Purush Spandana, which has a sizeable readership of women and has been winning every year many prizes in state competitions from literary bodies, encourages men to share their personal views and experiences on male stereotype alternatives.

‘Breaking the Moulds’, a book in English featuring some of the translated write-ups of the magazine and released in 2007 by MAVA and Purush Uvach, has been reviewed by leading newspapers as ‘path-breaking’, ‘India’s pioneering exploration of masculinities.’

In February 2010, a book in Marathi, titled ‘Prashna Purushbhanache’ featuring select, important articles of the magazine over the years, was brought out by MAVA and Purush Uvach.