Documentation of Impact of Youth Initiative

Since August 2006, MAVA has piloted and up-scaled a Gender-Sensitization and Mentoring Initiative among college-going boys, in their twenties, in 9 districts of Maharashtra State. The impact of this initiative, first of its kind in India, has been documented in December 2016 with support from Harvard University South Asia Institute, Tata Trusts and Direct Action for Women Now (DAWN), US.

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Annexe 1: Documentation Methodology and Processes
Annexe 2: Reflections by Harish Sadani, the Chief Functionary of MAVA
Annexe 3: Growth Stories of Mentors and Mentees

More Stories of Change

Harish Sadani was brought up in a community housing home where as a child he witnessed his neighbours’ lives up close, observing how women faced oppression and violence even at home. His hom e reversed the order of the world outside. His father’s sensitivit y and willingness to share`women’s chores’ coupled with the influence of paternal aunts, left a strong imprint on his character. At an early age, he began to question gender stereotypes. Why was he teased as being a 'sissy’ when his friends found him helping his aunts with chores at home or when he refused to play with boisterous boys preferring his own company?...

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