Villains? Or Partners?

It seems like men are the villains in the case of gender-based violence against women. There is much truth in that. Whatever may be the form of violence against women, beating, rape, eve teasing or sex-selective abortion, it is a man whose outlook is the cause of that. At MAVA, we also believe that men are also the victims of patriarchy that accords men a dominating position.

Their domination over women has come at a price, of not having the freedom to laugh and cry, to befriend one’s children and spouse, to be vulnerable, to share rather than sit lonely in one’s thrown. Men need to appreciate that by stopping or preventing any form of gender-based violence against women, apart from enabling empowerment of women and promoting a gender-just society, it’s their lives which will be more humane, their partnership with women will improve their quality of life. When we take this perspective to the issue of violence against women, we have seen real change happen on the ground. All our programs are designed around this philosophy.