Road Map

To attain the Mission, MAVA will provide, undertake or promote any or all of the following activities.

  1. To provide information, counseling, guidance and other services – either face-to-face, from person to person, in groups or on a mass scale --  to  needy men and women, on matters of Gender & Sexuality
  2. To provide men specific need-based inputs like dealing with dilemmas, emotions like anger and conflict-management
  3. To organize seminars, symposia, workshops for schools, colleges, NGOs, corporates, conferences, meets, open forums for men and study circles for creating better awareness and promoting understanding on gender issues
  4. To sensitize and mentor adolescent boys and young men and enable them adopt positive models of masculinity
  5. To publish magazine, journal, newsletters, pamphlets, books, manuals, other literature and develop resource material on issues of gender, masculinities, sexuality  and work done by MAVA
  6. To organize street-theatre, other forms of audio-visual mass communication, public service advertising either on TV, Radio, through newspapers or other media on gender matters
  7. To provide training and  capacity building of men’s groups and other  voluntary organizations working on gender issues
  8. To co-ordinate, network, tie-up with the police and other government, corporate houses, voluntary agencies including men’s and women’s groups
  9. To help initiate and develop other groups involved in the same work as MAVA and support them financially or otherwise as found necessary
  10. To set up and run telephone helplines for needy men and women in distress facing marital conflict and other gender-related problems
  11. To provide legal aid and other assistance for speedy redressal of various problems of abused women and men (including homosexual /gay / bisexual men, transgenders, physically and mentally challenged men)
  12. To conduct research and studies on Masculinities, Sexuality and  Gender-based violence including violence against women
  13. To arrange temporary shelters for women and men  in distress and crisis situations
  14. To help in the process of bringing out legislations for the protection of women and stopping / preventing violence against women
  15. To organize specific programs for promoting men’s involvement on  gender issues
MAVA has a team of veteran professionals in the field of psychiatry, law, sexology and social work who volunteer their services whenever needed.

Registered in March 1993 as a 'Society' under the Societies Registration Act, MAVA is run by a Managing Committee of 6 men and 2 women from various professional backgrounds.