Silver Jubilee Year of MAVA

On the occasion of Silver Jubilee Year of MAVA, a special film tracing the organisation's journey over the years was released on 8th August 2017 at an event held at Mithibai College, Mumbai. Noted Actress and a Woman of Substance Kalki Koechlin released the film at the event.

On the occasion of Men Against Violence and Abuse (MAVA) entering silver jubilee year, we are glad to present a special film tracing our journey over the years.

MAVA has pioneered efforts in India to engage Boys and Men to address issues of gender inequality and discrimination by interrogating the existing dominant model of Masculinity, and help stop prevent gender-based violence against women.

For the past 24 years, MAVA has been engaging and mentoring hundreds of young men in schools, colleges and communities in healthy conversations around sexual health and gender-sensitive behavior through leadership–driven training and using out-of-the box methods including interactive workshops, wall-newspapers, story-telling, folk songs, street-theatre, travelling film festivals, youth blogs and other social media.

We believe that men are not genetically wired to be dominating and aggressive, but are socially conditioned to be so. Our work, like that of several men’s groups all over the world, shows that men are capable of becoming sensitive human beings and can help prevent and stop gender-based violence against women.

Through strategic collaborations with local colleges, universities, women’s groups, grassroots community-based organizations and individual health activists, our 700 plus youth mentors working in nine districts of Maharashtra have reached out to over 2,00,000 young men and adolescent boys in the last 11 years. These young people are spreading the message of respecting women and treating them with dignity.

Our contribution to the understanding of gender and masculinities in India is acknowledged at national/international conferences and workshops. With the help like-minded groups and individuals, we are in the process of nurturing the nascent movement on men and masculinities taking shape in Maharashtra and several other states of India.

With Leading Lines, an all women-professional agency documenting our journey and making this video, we look forward to reaching out to more number of Boys and Men and advance our Mission!

We are grateful to noted actress Kalki Koechlin for releasing this film today on 8th August 2017 and helping us promote our cause of a gender-equal society.